Temporary Maintenance Mechanic – General

Performs routine preventive and corrective maintenance on a variety of building systems under the general guidance and supervision of the Director of Facilities.  Performs all work in compliance with applicable codes and with established performance standards.  Complies with organizational and departmental policies and procedures. 
Essential Functions
1.                  Performs preventive, corrective and special maintenance tasks as directed either through the work order system in accordance with standard operating procedures or as otherwise assigned.
2.         Performs initial assessment of equipment breakdowns in absence of higher-rated mechanics.  Makes permanent or temporary repairs as able.
3.         Performs work in a safe manner and complies with codes, ordinances, Zoo and department safety guidelines and protocols.
4.         Complies with organizational and departmental policies and procedures as may be promulgated from time to time.
5.         Keeps accurate and complete records of work and facility needs.
6.         Operates and maintains in good repair various tools of the trade.
7.         Performs general maintenance work as assigned.
Knowledge and Ability Requirements
1.         High school degree or equivalent.  Two to three years experience as a general maintenance mechanic.
2.         Demonstrated general knowledge in the mechanical trades.
3.         Ability to interpret and work from written job specifications, diagrams, design drawings, etc.
4.         Significant and proven prior experience showing the ability to work cooperatively with supervisors and co-workers, to accept and follow general direction, to work independently and to produce quality work in a timely manner.
5.         Ability to present clear and accurate information both orally and in writing.
6.         Demonstrated interest in staying abreast of any electrical or mechanical field.                                                                   
7.         Professional appearance and manner.
8.         Excellent customer relations skills.
9.         Possession of a valid motor vehicle operator’s license.
10.       Able to work a flexible schedule, which may include weekends, evenings, holidays and overtime when required.
Physical and Medical Requirements
1.                  In good health and capable of performing strenuous and/or heavy physical labor.
2.                  Successful completion of post-offer medical screening and drug test with emphasis on cardiovascular, respiratory and skeletal systems prior to beginning work.
3.                  Successful completion of post-offer driving record/license checks.
4.                  No allergies related to plants or animals, which may interfere with the ability to work.
5.                  No impairment of sight, smell, hearing, touch, balance and agility of movement, which might interfere with ability to work.
6.                  Ability to safely lift and carry 40 pounds a distance of 50 feet.
7.                  Ability to work from heights and/or in confined spaces; ability to climb and work from ladders.
8.                  Ability to work outside in all weather conditions.
9.                  Immunocompetence.  Possible exposure to inclement weather, dust, potentially dangerous and unpredictable animal species and potentially dangerous machinery, restraint devices and toxic chemicals and/or drugs.  Occasional use of protective clothing or safety equipment is required such as, but not limited to, goggles, masks, gloves, braces, helmets and gowns, etc.
10.       Must be medically able to wear appropriate respiratory protection.
Additional Requirements
1.         Successful completion of a driving license and criminal records check.

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