Venture Philanthropy Officer

This position requires a proven fundraiser with venture philanthropy experience to structure an innovative fundraising initiative and assist in raising philanthropic capital for a highly innovative transformational project at the Zoo.  This position would be responsible for developing $20M that is needed over the next 4 years to implement a program that will have major business implications for the Zoo, a demonstrable impact on mission objectives related to conservation education and species and habitat preservation, and will influence the future of Zoos across the globe.
Essential Functions and Responsibilities:
1.     Superior relationships and provable experience in raising capital from HNW investors, family offices, and institutional capital and the ability to do so by offering investors a philanthropic return on investment that reflects the type of private equity opportunities investors are familiar with.
2.     Must be ethical, diligent, a closer, and have a passion for animals and the environment.
3.     Must have a superior knowledge of how to attract investors who are on the sidelines eagerly waiting to put their philanthropic capital into an effort that is highly innovative while aligned with an institution of scale and prominence.
  1. Identify and pursue new investor opportunities, including direct as well as indirect through intermediaries with unique connectivity to investors.
  2. Develop an Institutional approach to the communication of the Zoo’s innovative opportunities for philanthropic investment.
  3. Development of methodical investor relations practices.
  4. Maintain and update investor relations databases and investor reports.
  5. Genuine interest in the Zoo’s business model, investment and impact opportunities.
  6. Proactive approach, entrepreneurial spirit.
  7. Comfortable in a hands-on, dynamic, and flat organizational structure.
  8. Strong communication and interpersonal skills.
Non-Essential Job Functions:
1.     Performs other duties as assigned.
Knowledge and Abilities Required:
  1. Minimum 3-5 years of work experience in an investment banking/capital raising role or similar.
  2. Real transactional experience as well as investor relations experience.
  3. Experience in communicating with investors, preparing materials for management meetings, shareholder meetings or roadshow presentations.
  4. Exposure to and/or desire to learn alternative capital raising channels including structures for working with intermediaries, feeder fund platforms, and third party capital introduction firms.
  5. Experience working in the real assets and infrastructure space is preferred, though not essential.
  6. Microsoft Office Suite Experience, as well as, experience with a Sales oriented database (such as Sales Force).
  7. Working knowledge of Graphic Software is preferred.
Physical and Medical Requirements:
1.     Successful completion of a TB and drug test.
2.     No allergies related to plants or animals that may interfere with the ability to work.
Additional Requirement:
1.  Successful completions of a background check including criminal and PA child abuse history clearance (and FBI fingerprinting if non-PA resident).
If interested, please complete our online application.