Global Conservation Gala Award Recipients

2015 Conservation Impact Award Recipient

Joanna M. Lewis

This award is presented to an individual who has demonstrated a commitment to conservation and species and habitat preservation, locally or globally through leadership, resulting in a lasting positive change for the natural world.
As a former board member for over 20 years and a hands-on volunteer for 27 years, Jody is a driving force in the Zoo’s ongoing evolution as a major provider of conservation and environmental education. Through her leadership, Jody has always inspired the Zoo to be at the forefront of animal conservation and innovation.

2015 Global Conservation Prize

Gerry Ellis

This multi-year financial commitment recognizes an individual or group having potential to create global impact on wildlife preservation.
Gerry Ellis is a world-renowned nature and environmental photographer who has been a champion for endangered animals and ecosystems for more than 25 years.