Stop your junk mail

Stop Your Junk Mail

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An estimated 90 billion pieces of junk mail are sent to US households every year, enough to stretch halfway to the moon. Among those 90 billion pieces are 20 billion catalogs. Most catalogs are made with virgin fiber, which means more than 8 million trees are used each year to produce a product that’s often recycled without ever being read.
While recycling unwanted mail is commendable, saving forests by reducing consumption is even better. One of the biggest immediate threats to the survival of endangered animals like great apes and tigers is the destruction of their habitat for pulp and paper.
Stop the junk mail you don’t want. Using less paper saves trees and energy to save wildlife. Get started by inputting your information below. You will receive an email from the Zoo with a link to separate website. That website is where you will sign up to reduce your junk mail.