Cubs in trail

Another first for the lion cubs


The lion cubs have always seemed to enjoy a bit of rain. As it was warmer than the last couple of days, and even with a steady rain, they were game for something new! This, they were given access to the north courtyard section of the Zoo360 trails for the first time.

Even though it was a new experience to see the tunnel system, it took the cubs fewer than five minutes to follow mom up to the top. The entrance chute is connected to their night time sleeping area, allowing them immediate access once the door is opened. This was also the first time that Tajiri herself had a chance to see the newly expanded section.

From their bedroom, Taj talked to the cubs using her “call” vocalization as she entered the ramp. Once she cleared the top and could turn around to watch the cubs’ progress, they felt comfortable enough to join her. After that, it was time to explore.
As happens with nearly all of the cats, one of their primary interests is where the other felines are in the neighborhood. Tajiri spent time watching Emma, the Amur leopard, directly across from the tunnel—and Emma came right up onto the rocks to see Taj and the cubs!
Kataba, Mali, Msinga and Sabi all spent time walking the courtyard tunnel section, enjoying the view from above the guest path. Over the next couple of months, the young family will continue to have a chance to explore new things.

Kay BuffamonteBy Kay Buffamonte, KeyBank Big Cat Falls Lead Keeper