Beast Feast


Every year, the Philadelphia Zoo celebrates Beast Feast during the first two weekends in October. This event is fun and exciting for both the visitors and the animals. It’s always entertaining to watch each gorilla interact with their pumpkins in their unique and individual ways! Louis likes to try and hoard the pumpkins- this year he grabbed two at once and ran back into the dayroom to enjoy them! Luckily we were able to spread them out far enough that Kuchimba got his two as well (he likes to take his time and savor his pumpkins!) The family group got their pumpkins in Gorilla Treeway one day this year- something that Honi and Kira seemed to very much enjoy. Motuba just took his and retreated back to the stairs where he ripped it apart with incredible ease, using just two fingers! 

Check out these pictures from this year’s Beast Feast!

Beast Feast