Hear Us Roar

Animal lovers of all ages are roaring to save big cats. 

Tigers and jaguars are losing their habitat as forests are cleared to make way for oil palm plantations. But it doesn’t have to be this way! Palm oil can be grown without destroying forests and endangering wildlife.

Many companies that use palm oil in their products—including Mars, General Mills, Kellogg’s and The Body Shop—have already committed to make sure their palm oil isn’t linked to deforestation. This is great news, but we know it will be hard work and a long journey.
You can help! Send us your best “roar” face and be added to a photo gallery of loyal Mars, General Mills, Kellogg’s and Body Shop customers who want to save big cats.
Roar with others who support these companies’ efforts and ask them to share the milestones they’ve set for this year to track their progress towards using palm oil that’s deforestation-free. We’ll pass on your photos and comments to the companies you choose!

I permit Philadelphia Zoo to use the photo I submit for other conservation initiatives.:


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