Volunteers Needed For Citizen Science Bird Collision Monitoring Project in Center City

Up to one billion birds are killed annually in the United States when they collide with glass. Birds don’t perceive glass as a solid object, often hitting windows after flying towards reflected habitat or attempting to fly through glass that’s transparent. Most of these collisions occur when birds are passing through cities and other areas of human development during their spring and fall migrations.
Over the last five years, research conducted by the Philadelphia Zoo and Audubon Pennsylvania has demonstrated that thousands of migratory birds collide with buildings each year in Center City alone. These collisions have involved over 75 species, ranging from hummingbirds and warblers to falcons and owls.
As part of our ongoing efforts to address this issue, the Zoo and Audubon Pennsylvania are seeking volunteers to monitor a collision-prone Center City building. Monitors will be trained and asked to check the site for short periods on select days during the fall and spring. Training and data collection starts in early September.
The results from this study will provide useful data that will guide the building owner in making changes to the building that will hopefully reduce the number of collisions in the future and demonstrate leadership in environmental action.
For more information, please contact project coordinators at