Save Energy

Americans emit four times the amount of carbon dioxide per-person than the global average and double that of other countries with a similar standard of living to our own.

Though scientists have been predicting changes in climate for some time, we are experiencing them at a much faster rate than projected, making the goal of realizing an 80 percent reduction in carbon emissions by 2050 more urgent than ever.

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Fortunately, simple energy saving actions that may seem small like changing a light bulb, washing laundry in cold water or wearing a sweater instead of raising the thermostat, add up to making a big difference in the fight against climate change; especially if we all do our part.

Becoming familiar with programs offered by energy providers like PECO as well as the City of Philadelphia can help. Our Live Greener suggestions on how to save energy will get you started today!

PECO Smart Ideas

The Philadelphia Zoo encourages our customers and clients to visit the PECO Smart Ideas Website to save energy and money, and help the environment.


The Philadelphia Zoo is partnering with EnergyWorks on a number of initiatives related to energy conservation. EnergyWorks empowers homeowners to save energy and money through home energy efficiency improvements.

EnergyWorks provides comprehensive energy solutions to home, commercial and industrial building owners. EnergyWorks experts help owners save energy and money by reducing their buildings' energy use and making energy efficiency simple, affordable and reliable.