Accessibility Map
With nearly 1,300 animals, many rare and endangered, there is plenty for all of our guests to experience and enjoy. The Philadelphia Zoo strives to help everyone have a meaningful Zoo visit and find inspiring connections with wildlife here at home and around the world. The Zoo offers an Accessibility Map to help facilitate your visit. Download the Accessibility Map or pick up a map on the day of your Zoo visit at the Main Entrance Box Office.

Wheelchairs and Electric Scooters

All indoor animal exhibits are wheelchair accessible. Wheelchairs and electric scooters are available to rent (while supplies are available) at the Zoo's Main Entrance. They are available on a first-come first-served basis. We do not take reservations.

Wheelchair: $8.00
Electric scooter: $30.00

Please note: Per the manufacturer's specifications, any person over 325 lbs. will be restricted from renting mobility equipment due to weight limit restrictions on mobility equipment.

Zoo Tours and Programs

The Philadelphia Zoo is committed to making the Zoo available and accessible to everyone. Visitors may explore the Zoo on their own, on regularly scheduled tours with a Zoo Guide, or may request a personalized tour.

Guests may arrange for a personalized tour by calling (215) 243-5235 at least two weeks in advance of their visit. In addition to providing an enriching experience for Zoo visitors, there are several customized education programs available as well.

Educational programs are modified or developed to meet the needs of diverse audiences. Programs such as summer camp, school group visits and Zoo on Wheels are just a few of the opportunities to engage every child and adult in a memorable Zoo experience.


Guided by the Universal Design concept, the KidZooU experience utilizes a multisensory approach that creates a welcoming, enriching and inclusive experience connecting children with wildlife. Check out our pre-planning tools such as the KidZooU social story and visual schedule. Learn more about all of the inclusive features of KidZooU.

Service Animals

Service animals as defined by the ADA guidelines are allowed in the Zoo. Guests should alert a Guest Relations staff member at the Zoo’s Main Entrance upon arrival. While your service dog has been socialized for most public settings, touring a zoo—especially for the first time—can be an unusual experience. To ensure the safety of our animals and to provide an enjoyable visit for both you and your service animal, please read  the following information.
  • Service dogs must be properly leashed or harnessed.
  • Animal Department personnel will be notified of your arrival in the Zoo.
  • Please be aware that Canada geese, peafowl, grey squirrels, and other wildlife roam freely throughout the Zoo.
  • Please be sure to clean up and dispose of any waste your dog may leave.
  • Please watch for any indications that the Zoo animals are upset. These behaviors may include excessive flying, running or vocalizing. Should you see any of these behaviors, please step away from the distressed animal.
Please be particularly aware of the following areas:
  • KeyBank Big Cat Falls
  • KidZooU
  • Cheetahs
  • Zebras
Due to the free ranging animals in these exhibits, a Zoo escort is required in:
  • McNeil Avian Center
  • Barnyard Area of KidZooU
  • Wings of Asia
If you have any questions, feel free to ask a staff member for assistance.

Visitors Requiring Personal Care Attendants

For any guest with a disability who purchases a ticket to the zoo and will attend the zoo with the guest's government-funded Personal Care Attendant (PCA), the PCA will receive a complimentary ticket. Any request for a complimentary ticket for the PCA must be made at the time of purchase of the guest's ticket at the box office. Guests with disabilities who wish to purchase advance tickets for the zoo should contact 215-243-5235 to purchase tickets and to request complimentary companion tickets for a PCA. These tickets must be picked up in person by the visitor and the PCA at the Box Office.


Handicap spaces and spaces for vans are available in Tiger Lot and the Parking Garage.