Pokémon at Philadelphia Zoo

Not only is Philadelphia Zoo home to nearly 1,300 animals, but it appears the Zoo is now a haven for a variety Pokémon! With over 35 Pokéstops and three Gyms, Philadelphia Zoo is the perfect place to catch em' all! 

While enjoying Pokémon Go at the Zoo, remember to keep in mind these tips:

  • Stay on the Zoo paths and do not venture into any unauthorized areas.
  • Respect and follow all of the Zoo's policies while you are playing Pokémon Go, for your safety and the safety of our animals.
  • Take advantage of free, convenient high-speed internet access throughout the Zoo grounds!
Pokemon ScreenshotGym Battle ScreenshotWeepinbell Screenshot


  1. Zoological Drive Mural
  2. Metal Artwork on Fence
  3. Bronze Otter Statue
  4. Watering Hole Archway (Baby Animals Archway)
  5. Bronze Hippos
  6. Wolves Hunting Statue
  7. Greener Gardens Statue
  8. Eaglet Casting
  9. Edward J Keller VIsta
  10. McNeil Avian Center
  11. Awakening Plaque
  12. Hot Wart Hog Statue
  13. Fishing Bear Statue
  14. Marble Polar Bear Sculpture
  15. Bear and Cubs
  16. Massa
  17. Giant Butterfly
  18. Treehouse
  19. Zoo Menagerie
  1. Octopus Sculpture (Double Puddle)
  2. Mayan Jaguar (Mayan Temple exhibit)
  3. Bronze Serval Sculpture
  4. Lion Carrying Cub (Lioness carrying a wild boar)
  5. Wolcott Plaza
  6. Small Mammal House
  7. Giant Ant
  8. Cobra Statue
  9. Reptiles and Amphibians House
  10. Python Sculpture
  11. Giant Bird Cage/Lion Weather Vane (Meerkat Maze)
  12. Zoo Fountain Rainbow (Impala Fountain)
  13. Philadelphia Zoo Elephant Sclupture
  14. Tiger and Monkey Mural
  15. Philadelphia Zoo North Gate Plaza
  16. Historic 1886 Victorian Gatehouses
  17. Zoo Logo Sculpture
  18. Hippo Mural and Sculpture



  1. Gym located near KidZooU
  2. Gym located near 6abc Zooballoon
  3. Gym located near Philadelphia Zoo Parking Garage