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The largest living felid (cat) in the world, Amur tigers were formerly known as Siberian tigers. Their name changed to reflect their true habitat; they were previously found all over Siberia and can now only be located in the Amur River Valley. Amur tigers are classified as Endangered by the International Union for Conservation […]
Lions and tigers, oh my. Here you’ll find our family of large and endangered cats from around the world.

Reserve your tickets now and be a part of the festivities! Can't make it in person? Make an online donation in support of Zoo-a-thon instead!

[…] a family on these crafts, scavenger hunts, and experiments: Horse Hearing Nature Scavenger Hunt Home Scavenger Hunt Rethink Your Products Flamboyant Flamingos Reaching Great Lengths Why Do Tigers have Stripes Thumbless Tinkering Wild Competitors Hawks on the Hunt Learning through Play Reading and Writing: Practice reading, writing, and recognizing words and concepts: Enrichment Engineer […]

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