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Committed to Conservation

Saving Endangered Species

By leading and supporting critical conservation projects in the field, encouraging and leveraging the power of thousands of visitors, and serving as an “ark” for endangered species, Philadelphia Zoo has played an integral role in a variety of conservation efforts across numerous species.

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Inspiring Young Conservationists

Philly Zoo's award-winning Albert M. Greenfield UNLESS Contest has empowered thousands of K-12 students to take action for wildlife. This year-long, project-based contest encourages students to create real solutions to environmental issues in their lives.

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Why Your Support Matters

In addition to housing endangered animals—some extinct in the wild—and supporting conservation efforts around the world, Philadelphia Zoo helps create empathy and understanding for wildlife through programs like the UNLESS Contest, which has inspired tens of thousands of students over the past decade to learn about and create advocacy campaigns to make a lasting impact on an endangered species of their choosing. To date, the UNLESS Contest has resulted in hundreds of trees planted in Brazil, thousands of signatures in support of a wildlife bridge, and dollars raised to support our partners in the field.

Your gift to Philadelphia Zoo makes programs like these possible and supports animals here and around the world.

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