Behind the Scenes

Go behind the scenes for a semi-private meet-and-greet with some of your favorite animals and their keepers! Behind the scenes experience include the following:
  • Admission to the Zoo
  • 20 minute semi-private meet-and-greet (max group size of 6) with your favorite animal
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Behind the Scenes (BTS) are guided walking tours and motorized transportation is not available. BTS purchases do not include parking and must be purchased separately.

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Looking for a Meet-and-Greet with Your Favorite Animal?

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Giant Tortoise
Giant Tortoise

Our tortoises may be over 80 years old, but they are full of life and personality. During your visit you and a Zookeeper will interact with the tortoises – even pet them. They love the attention and are eager to meet you!


Giant Ottger
Giant otter

This is your chance to see the river otters from only a few feet away!These food motivated carnivores are fast, exciting and LOUD. It will definitely give you a new appreciation for this romp. Because of the nature of this animal, you will not be able to feed or touch, but you will definitely be able to hear them and see them up close!


Come meet two of the Zoo’s biggest residents, Cindy and Unna! These girls have an appetite and we need your help to feed them! During your visit, you’ll learn about the diets and lives of hippos here and in the wild, while tossing snacks into their giant mouths!


Humboldt Penguin
humboldt penguin

This experience especially caters to the penguin fanatics –you know who you are! You will get to meet a keeper, who will hand you gloves and a bucket of fish. While you will be separated from the penguins by a short fence, you will be able to reach over and feed them fish. It’s a treat for them and YOU.


big cats

Guided by a zookeeper, come see where our lions, pumas, leopards, jaguars and tigers eat, sleep and play when they are not on exhibit! Even though we cannot guarantee a specific cat will be behind the scenes, you will be surprised when a cat you were not expecting to see becomes your instant favorite! This experience is handicap accessible.

Reticulated Giraffe
reticulated giraffe

At the giraffe yard, you and a keeper will walk up a pathway so you are closer to the height of the giraffes. One, two or all three may come over when they see you standing there with long branches of green leaves called browse. Hold on tight as the giraffes will rip those leaves right off the branches! Although the giraffes do not like to be touched, they will be inches from you. This is a great photo opportunity, too!


White Rhinoceros
white rhinoceros

Tony, our white rhino loves people! While he is not very food motivated, he does enjoy a good brushing. In fact, when he sees you with his keeper holding a brush, he’s usually quick to come over for a good scratching. Despite his massive size and prehistoric features, Tony can be very playful and friendly! Tony may be visited year round. This experience is handicap accessible only during the colder months.