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African Plains

Step on to the plain

Say hello to some of the Zoo’s largest (height and weight) species. African Plains is home to a white rhino that loves to be brushed, a tower of giraffes that stands head and shoulders above the rest, and a pair of bathing beauties all sure to add smiles to your safari.

African Plains Animals


Best known for their long necks and the striking coat patterns of irregular brown patches Philly's tower of giraffe - Gus, Stella and Abigail - are always guest favorite.

Southern white rhinoceros

Don't let the rough exterior fool you, this grass grazing gentle giant is known for his affinity for brushing as a reward during training.

Plains Zebra

Black with white stripes.... or white with black stripes? A zebra's coat helps it avoid predators and discourage biting flies.

Southern white rhinoceros Tony

Meet Tony

Born at Jacksonville Zoo on February 8, 2002, Tony arrived in Philly in May 2006. Did you know the white rhino is the next largest land animal after elephants? At the Zoo, Tony eats up to 40 lbs of timothy grass hay daily along with an herbivore pellet containing a balance of nutrients and a trace mineral salt supplement and vitamin E supplement.