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SlothBear Cubs FirstDayOut 05.17.23 3445

Sloth Bear
Live Cam

Live from Bear Country

Tune into our new Bear Country live cam presented by Xfinity and you might sneak a peek of the latest additions to the Zoo family: two sloth bear cubs, born on January 2 to mom Kayla and dad Bhalu! A special thank you to everyone who voted to name our cubs. It's official: their names are Kelce and Harper!

SlothBear Cubs FirstDayOut 05.17.23 3390
SlothBear Cubs FirstDayOut 05.17.23 3318

A Win for Conservation

The birth of our cubs is important for the conservation of this species. Sloth bears are listed as vulnerable by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

These two will be out on exhibit typically in the afternoons, but will have access to their indoor space.