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Spiders Alive Trapdoor spider

Spiders Alive!

Now Open: Spiders Alive!

Crawl into the world of arachnids with Spiders Alive! at Philadelphia Zoo! Featuring 17 species of live arachnids, this exciting exhibit brings you face-to-face with some of the most fascinating spiders and scorpions in the natural world. Spiders Alive! is free with Zoo admission—see it in the building formerly known as Small Mammal House!

Spiders Alive Goliath bird eater
Spiders Alive Giant vinegaroon

Did You Know?

Among the most versatile animals on the planet, spiders inhabit every continent but Antarctica and are able to survive in environments that range from deserts to rainforests to crowded cities. Scientists have identified more than 44,500 species to date and think there are at least as many yet to be discovered.

Learn more fun facts about arachnids when you visit Spiders Alive! at the Zoo!


Spiders Alive Tailless whip scorpion
Spiders Alive research collection
Spiders Alive Wolf spider
Spiders Alive Western black widow