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UNLESS 22 closing ceremony

UNLESS Contest Past Winners

What have groups done
in the past?

Need some inspiration? We've collected examples from groups who have proved themselves as true conservationists. Below are a few of the winners from last year's contest!

Grant School Funky Monkeys Walk for the Trees Groups
IMG 2008


Grand Prize: The Golden Guardians from the Governor Mifflin School District comprised of a group effort of students across a district, working to support Golden Coin Turtles. Students created community gardens by the school, supported their local riparian buffer habitat by planted wildflowers, collected bottle caps to be made into garden benches, and created commercials and games to spread the word about protecting habitats. They fundraised money to support the local Eastern Box Turtle as well!

DIS Green Team Plastics Collection


Grand Prize: With the Golden Coin Turtle in mind, the DIS Green Team from Delran Intermediate School reduced waste by distributing reusable water bottles to students, protected habitat by participating in monthly cleanups, and worked to change policy by encouraging the collection of thin plastics for TREX to turn into tables and benches for other schools. Students collected signatures and wrote letters to legislatures with hopes to see widespread change!

6 8 OTIS Engineers produce


Grand Prize: Edson’s Engineers from Ocean Township Intermediate School were dedicated to conserving water for the Golden Coin Turtle and the Eastern Box Turtle. Students worked to raise awareness about water conservation and created budget friendly solutions through workshops and videos of different ponics systems. To get students excited about conserving water, the engineers hosted a customized water bottle fundraiser, raising $3000 to purchase a refilling station to limit plastic use and pollution. Students also supported local habitats through a fundraiser for reefs and a beach cleanup.

Maple Shade project UNLESS 2022


Grand Prize: The students at Maple Shade High School spread awareness about Golden Coin Turtles and how to support them through billboards, a YouTube channel, WMMR Radio, Instagram, a website, commercials within the school, the Preston and Steve show, through a merch sale, and at a series of events. These students restored habitats by supporting the community garden, distributing biodegradable seed starters, planting trees in the community, and fundraising for the NJ Fish and Wildlife Bog Turtle Project. Students also diverted waste from the landfill by hosting clothing and shoe drive with Planet Aid.

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