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LumiNature Community Trees

Our Neck of the Woods

In Our Neck of the Woods, explore beautifully decorated trees created by students, families and neighborhood partners throughout West Philadelphia. Each community group chose a unique wildlife design to celebrate an animal for all to see.

Learn about each of our partnering organizations and vote for your favorite tree below!

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Our Community Tree Partners

Mantua Civic Association Neighborhood Residents

Tree theme: "Polar Bear Power"

MCA neighborhood residents selected a polar bear theme because they are known for their tremendous strength and so is MCA! The neighborhood is full of older, keen polar bears as well as young cubs, making up the strong families in Mantua.

Sunrise Afterschool Program at Science Leadership Academy Middle School

Tree theme: "Spring into Winter"

More than 30 kids from across Philadelphia participated in the Sunrise Afterschool Program competition to select their animal-theme. Celebrating the beauty and diversity of insects came out as their top choice. Students created hand-crafted caterpillars, butterflies, grasshoppers and more to Spring into Winter!

Turning Point for Children CUA 1O

Tree theme: "Peacock Pride"

Families and children from Turning Point for Children CUA 10 selected a peacock-themed tree with vibrant colors of green, blue, and purple feathers. Each participating CUA 10 child did a personalized cut-out of their hands to represent the peacock feathers glimmering from the tree.

Mantua Civic Association Youth Ambassador Program

Tree theme: "Spirit of the Penguin"

A group of 17 children ranging from 8-17 years old selected a penguin theme because it symbolizes dreams, adaptability, and closeness. Just like penguins, we all huddle together with friends, family and spirituality.

West Philadelphia Promise Neighborhood

Tree theme: "Showing our Stripes"

The West Philadelphia Promise Neighborhood empowers and uplifts the communities in Belmont, East Parkside, Mantua, Mill Creek, Powelton Village, Saunders Park, West Powelton, and West Park neighborhoods. The tiger-themed tree represents the strength and pride of our community, especially the children and families living in the Promise Neighborhood.

Morton McMichael Elementary School

Tree theme: "The Wise Owl"

McMichael elementary students celebrate their school pride with this “tree of knowledge,” including over a dozen hand-crafted owls representing their school mascot!

Mantua Civic Association Enrichment Committee

Tree theme: "Lioness of Mantua - a tribute to Madeline Arrington"

Members of the MCA Enrichment Committee chose a lion theme to honor long-time neighborhood resident, Madeline Arrington. The tree embodies the love and dedicated leadership of Madeline as well as the MCA community pride.

Alain Locke Elementary School Autistic Support Classrooms

Tree theme: "Playful Penguin"

K-8th grade students were inspired by a recent fall field trip to the Zoo, when watching our playful penguins. The students used their creative teamwork to paint colorful fish as well as design a giant penguin at the centerpiece of their tree.

People’s Emergency Center CDC

Tree theme: "Rising above them all... the giraffe"

As the tallest mammal in the animal kingdom, the giraffe achieves lofty heights, sometimes as high as 18 feet. Thus, giraffes are symbols of aspiration! The giraffe’s spirit inspires us to reach for the highest branch. At PECCDC, we believe that, with hope, we all have the capacity to go further and higher than you ever thought possible.

Alain Locke Elementary School 5th Grade Students

Tree theme: "Peacock Paradise"

Two fifth grade classes from Alain Locke Elementary School selected a peacock-themed tree. They felt that the peacock is an animal that represents leadership, respect, honor, integrity, dignity, and pride. Of course they also wanted to create something magical for guests to delight in the colors of the peacock this winter season!

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