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WPZS Evaluation RFP

The Philadelphia Zoo has posted a request for proposals to confirm an evaluator for the West Philadelphia Zoo Scholars program managed by the Zoo.

The Zoo is seeking proposals that provide a detailed evaluation plan including a multi-faced approach such as front end, formative and summative plans of the Zoo’s inaugural teen workforce development program, the West Philadelphia Zoo Scholars. It is expected that the detailed work plan includes strategies for collecting, tracking and analyzing qualitative and quantitative methods for each of the program objectives outlined in the RFP linked below.

Responses to this RFP must be received by the Zoo by 5:00pm on February 1, 2023.
The RFP process timeline:

1/2/2023: RFP posted to

1/13/2023: Responses to questions posted on

2/1/2023: All proposals due to [email protected] by 5:00pm

2/17/2023: Organization awarded will be announced via email to all vendors that submitted a proposal

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the goal for the number of young people who enroll each year?


How are young people being recruited for the opportunity?

Participants are being recruited from 3 local school partners that include the Zoo in their 10th grade science classes. Students are encouraged to apply by school staff and some school sites allow students to gain academic credit for being in the program.

Are there schools involved in the recruitment process?

Yes. High School of the Future, Belmont Charter High School, KIPP Dubois.

How close to finalized are the Outputs and Outcomes on the Program Model?

They are currently final.

Is there a preference for how the data is displayed (visual displays, etc)?

Visual is preferred but optional.

Beyond the three years, will the zoo want to continue to use the database, or will it only be used for the duration of the project?

It is likely it would continue to be used.

Please clarify if the vendor must be licensed in Philadelphia to participate in the RFP.

Having a license in Philadelphia will certainly benefit the vendor completing this evaluation however it is not required. The steps to complete in the evaluation plan will likely determine if a vendor must be licensed, the Philadelphia Zoo does not require it.

Can student data collection be incorporated into program activities? For example, can surveys be administered during WPZS program meetings?


Program timing: Does the program meet year-round or follow an academic year calendar?

The program occurs year round taking place during the academic school year during and after class time and for 6-8 weeks over the summer.

Does each cohort start in September?

No, the first cohort is beginning this March and the second cohort will begin in mid-October 2023.

Does WPZS program collect demographic data on student participants or attendance data at program meetings?


Are there any preliminary data or reports regarding program effectiveness?

No. The program hasn’t begun - it starts in March 2023. There are no previous scholars.

RFP word limit: For the RFP Description of Activities, are visuals and tables included in the 750 word limit?


Can we include supplemental materials in proposal submission such as bios?


Current Scholar Enrollment: Are there scholars currently enrolled in the program? If so, how many and what years are they in?

No. The program begins in March 2023 with it’s first cohort of students.

How old are students typically when they first come in the program?

All students enter the program as high school sophomores with an average age of 16.

Are WPZS program staff available to contribute as subject matter expertise in the development of subject-specific survey questions (e.g., range of careers in the zoological industry)?


What are you envisioning for project reporting and deliverable(s)?

This is to be drafted and included in all proposals.

Is the project timeline 3/1/23 - 2/28/26?

The project will begin March 1, 2023 and the longest it may occur will be 2/28/2026. All proposals may draft timelines that fall within that range.

Can you confirm that in addition to Workers Compensation and Commercial General Liability vendors are also required to have Non-Owned Auto, Umbrella, and Cyber Liability coverage?

Yes, that is correct.