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[…] the Western Hemisphere, and the third largest overall. Only lions and tigers are bigger. Native to Central and South America, jaguars enjoy hunting during the late night hours, climbing into trees to wait and pounce on their prey. The irregular shapes within the rosette markings on a jaguar’s body (basically a spot within a […]
[…] to the Zoo is like no other, combining learning, fun, and the chance to get a little wild. Availability: Spring, fall, and winter during our standard operating hours. Group Rate: $15.00 per student, with 1 complimentary chaperone per 10 paid students. General Group rate applies between April 1st and 16th. For information on our […]
With food and drink stations throughout the Zoo - from treats to sweets to serious eats - we've got dining options for carnivores and herbivores alike. Available locations and operating hours vary daily.

Staying Power: Be Distinct, or Go Extinct

Walk amongst life-sized animatronic dinosaurs and super-sized insects in our new immersive experience.

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