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[…] experts! 10:00am — Rare Animal Conservation Center 10:00am — Daily Gorilla Debut & Feeding 11:00am — Galapagos tortoises (inside Reptile House) 11:00am — Big Cats 11:15am — Bear Country 11:30am – Alpaca, goat, or pig walk from KidZooU 11:45am — McNeil Avian Center 12:00pm — African Plains 1:15pm — Penguins (Thursdays, Saturdays, Sundays) 1:30pm […]

The Zoo's four-month-old sloth bear cubs have officially made their debut, and we need your help naming them! Vote for your favorite pair of Philly-inspired names for our twin boys.

Red pandas are known as "cat bears" due to their tendency to strike out in bear-like fashion when cornered and due to the similarity of their semi-retractile claws to cats. Like bears, their forelegs angle inward in a pigeon-toed fashion, giving a waddling walk. They also wash in a cat-like manner, first licking the […]
The most herbivorous of all bear species, the Andean bear (or the spectacled bear) feeds primarily on fruit, grasses, berries, and sugar cane, with a very small amount of live prey. Only about 4% of its diet is animal matter. Every Andean bear has its own distinctive set or "fingerprint" of distinct cream or […]