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Tiger Terrace: burgers, pizza, fresh and healthy salads, sweets, snack options & more
[…] are currently redesigning our online ADOPT order process and are unable to take orders electronically. In the meantime, please contact Ashley Eldredge at 215-243-5625 or [email protected] to adopt an animal. Red panda Reticulated giraffe Amur tiger Humboldt penguin White rhinoceros Gorilla African lion Giant otter Orangutan Galapagos tortoise Cheetah Flamingo Golden lion tamarin Zebra Hippo
Zoo parking is available in several lots and the Zoo Parking Garage along both Girard Avenue and 34th Street. Handicap spaces and spaces for vans are available in both Tiger Lot and the Parking Garage. Parking costs $17 per vehicle. Members park FREE - one vehicle per membership.