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Advance online reservations required for general admission. Members no longer need to make advanced reservations to visit. Present your membership card and photo ID at the Zoo entrance and parking for your member benefits.

Meet our newly-named bear cub, Keematee! Thank you so much to the nearly 200,000 of you who voted to help us name our baby sloth bear. The word "keematee" means precious in Hindi— and our cub certainly exemplifies her new name!

Reserve your tickets now and be a part of the festivities! Can't make it in person? Make an online donation in support of Zoo-a-thon instead!

Red pandas are known as "cat bears" due to their tendency to strike out in bear-like fashion when cornered and due to the similarity of their semi-retractile claws to cats. Like bears, their forelegs angle inward in a pigeon-toed fashion, giving a waddling walk. They also wash in a cat-like manner, first licking the […]